Greetings, and welcome to the Temple of Set's official web site.

The Temple of Set is an organization with one task: to provide an environment in which individuals discover, pursue, and realize their unique purpose and destiny. Our philosophy holds that excellence and creative purpose are rooted in self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-creation. We name the experience of the willed unfolding of this individual potential Xeper.

That we pursue this task, and teach this philosophy, reflects our conviction that the individual psyche is the hidden sanctuary of something godlike—something slandered and suppressed by conventional religions that claim its powers for themselves, dismissed by others as unreal, and feared by those who would flee the personal responsibility implied.

What brought you to this web site?

Perhaps you are seeking data: a scholar of religion, philosophy or the social sciences, a journalist, or some other researcher with an interest in the history and programs of the Temple of Set. If so, you will find this site a good starting point, with links to further informed sources.

Perhaps someone you know, or have met on the Internet, claims to be affiliated with the Temple of Set, and you want to know what that's about. This site will reveal to you some elements of Setian philosophy and practice, including our ethical stance. What you find here may or may not appeal—the Temple does not proselytize or recruit. Rather this site is intended to help you distinguish what the Temple of Set is, and what it is not.

Finally, you may be here for Initiation. You had some contact with the Temple—through the written word or other media, perhaps an encounter with a Setian—and sensed that there was something important that the Temple of Set could teach you. Perhaps you have already passed through other occult groups, esoteric schools and religions, failing to find what you sought. Yet you did not abandon the search. Good! Do not be hasty in this decision. Look through this web site, paying special attention to the General Information and Admission Policies, the essays written by Setians, and the list of recommended readings. If, after this review, you elect to apply for admission, use the form provided. We look forward to hearing from you.


Patty A. Hardy IV°
High Priestess of Set

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