Temple Functions


If one envisions the Temple of Set as a university, the Orders of the Temple are its departments: specialized fields of study and research overseen by one or more Masters of the Temple. Recognition as an Adept of the Temple of Set requires a broad foundation in the magical arts; after this Recognition is attained, Initiates may choose an Order to pursue topics of interest in depth.

The decision to join an Order should not be taken lightly. An Order is best suited for the II°+ Initiate who approaches it out of a personal and persistent sense of initiatory need.

Membership requirements vary from Order to Order. Some are by invitation only. Others require the candidate to complete meaningful Rite of Entry tasks prior to their induction. For example, the Order of the Trapezoid is comprised solely of Knights and Dames that have sworn fealty beyond death to uphold the Oath of the Order—a solemn and binding decision that is often years in the making (and rightly so).

A few of the Orders within the Temple of Set:


Pylons, named for the gates of the temples of Ancient Egypt, offer Setians an opportunity for fellowship and dialogue.

Pylons vary in scope and operation. Some Pylons consist of Setians who live in a particular geographic area. Others are correspondence-based and include participants around the world. Some hold seminars and focus on a specific area of study, while others are entirely defined by the needs and interests of the participants.

Pylon functions and traditions are as unique as their host cultures, but all seek to increase awareness of the principle of Xeper—the initiatory art of Becoming.

Few Pylons maintain public sites. Here are some notable exceptions:


The International Conclave is an annual gathering of Initiates from all over the globe. The magical and social interaction of Conclave is a proven accelerant to Setian initiation, and the best way to get a sense of what we refer to as "The Living Temple".

Priesthood organizers of Regional Gatherings also offer Conclave-type activities at various times throughout the year. Setians willing to travel the distance will be rewarded by the unique flavor of these more intimate events.

First Degree Initiates who obtain sponsorship by a member of the Priesthood are permitted (and highly encouraged) to attend the International Conclave and Regional Gatherings.

The Soa-Gild

The Soa-Gild is designed to provide a Mentoring environment for new Setians to help them get better acquainted with the Temple and with Setian Initiation.

The Soa-Gild is comprised of several Oases, each facilitated by a Soa Priest (a III°+ member of the Priesthood of Set). Within each Oasis, First Degree Setians are paired with Second Degree mentors to jointly explore the Setian initiatory process in theory and practice.

What’s Next?

Visit the Resources page for essays penned by Setians, reading recommendations for the general public, and links to other sites of initiatory interest.

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