New to Xeper.org?

If this is your first visit, we recommend you do two things:

First, read From the High Priestess, an introductory letter by Magistra Patty Hardy, former High Priestess of the Temple of Set.

Second, read the General Information and Admissions Policies letter. It is the most comprehensive document about the Temple of Set available to the general public. Read (and re-read) it carefully.

This document is also available in the following language versions:

The General Information and Admissions Policies letter outlines the history, basic tenets and design of the Temple of Set, along with the benefits and obligations of each Setian.

Considering Affiliation?

The General Information and Admissions Policies letter outlines admission requirements, pathways to affiliation and the current annual membership fee.

Take as much time as necessary to reflect upon your decision before contacting the Executive Director.

If, after considerable reflection, you feel the Temple of Set may be a good fit for you—and you for it—download the Application form and complete it in full. Detailed instructions on how to complete your admissions packet, including required attachments and the first year's membership fee, are outlined within that form.

What's next?

Visit the Structure page for a brief introduction to the various organizational programs unique to the Temple of Set.

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